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Laura Tassi

Assistant Riding Instructor & Trainer

"I had a genuine love and admiration for horses from a very young age and was fortunate enough to be a "weekend rider" at a commercial stable as a child, then had the opportunity to  train with a WW2 calvary veteran in my early teens. After about 15 years of break, I have picked up riding again as an adult,  purchased my first horse, and had several more afterwards, including arabian, warmloods and quarter horses. Dealing with a variety of horses taught me to recognize the different characters and needs in each horse as an individual. I did several years of trail riding, some jumping but my strongest field is dressage. I also studied and acquired an instructior's certificate. Having trained and taught riding in Europe and the U.S helped me become open minded to different riding and training techniques. I enjoy working with the very beginner to a more advanced rider and my goal is to help them become confident, independent in their seat and soft with their hands."

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