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Danny Warrington



Talisman Farm is very fortunate to have international level event rider Danny Warrington conducting clinic every fall. Danny is a level III level ICP certified instructor. Danny works with all levels of horses and riders , ground work, problem horses to upper level riders as well as dressage and jumping. 
Danny has spent much of his life trying to learn from the best. In his racing years he spent time with hall of fame trainers Jonathan Sheppard and Mikey Smithwick as well as Janet Elliot. When it came to eventing the same approach was taken riding only with the best, Bruce Davidson and Karen O’Connor , Jimmy Wofford and Phillip Dutton they were all very helpful in his transition from jockey to 3-day eventer. Having known Danny from his racing days they were very enthusiastic to help him make the change. The long list of dressage help that he has encountered rings such names as Linda Zang, Todd Flettrich, Mara DePuy, and Donnan Sharp. All of the above have too many credits to list. Danny has been very fortunate to gain what he calls an Ivy League education over the past several decades.

Following on from a comprehensive education and becoming not a ‘Jockey’ or an ‘Event Rider’ but a Horseman, Danny started to specialize in the discipline of Eventing. It was in this sphere that Danny achieved what is his career highlight. He won the Amanda Warrington Cup at Groton House which is held in memoriam of his late wife. Danny had left the world of horses for a few years, and upon deciding to return he bought a horse called Discover The Power as a re-sale project. He started to ride him at the prelim level, and subconsciously set himself the aim of winning that particular event. Against the odds, he claimed the emotional victory as his own, and believes that it is and always will be his single greatest achievement. Not only in horsemanship, but personally, it was far more than a competition win, it was an emotional victory. 

From national championships and FEI competitions all the way to beginner novice Danny has not only ridden himself, he has helped every level rider, from D rated pony clubbers all the way to helping them achieve their AA , pros and adult amateurs as well. From educating two year olds for hall of famer Allen Jerkins as well as the legendry Jim Lewis, to starting dressage horses. Most notably a four year old by Gribaldi sire of the great Moorlands Totilas. Danny has also helped top trainers like JJ Tate and Kentucky Derby winning trainer Michael Matz. Warrington Eventing has produced and imported top eventers, hunters, and thoroughbreds for some of the best names in equestrian sports. Not only was Danny a top steeplechase jockey in the U.S. he has also become a top level eventer and trainer of not only horses but riders; all winning and competing in multiple disciplines of the equestrian world.


Private one hour:  $135.00 per rider/per day 
Auditing fee - TBD 

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